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Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club East Midlands Section

Coronavirus News

(How it affects the activities of RREC East Midlands Section)

Party to Celebrate VV Day (Victory against the Virus Day)

Nobody yet knows when the present restrictions on meeting people outside your immediate household will be lifted but your committee think that whenever that happens, it will be a cause for celebration, so we need to have a party. We are hoping that this will be sometime in the summer so that it can be an out of doors party.

The problem is, we don’t have a date, we don’t have a price and we don’t have a venue. We don’t know when the government will release the handbrake and allow us to do what they think is safe.

There is a definite parallel with the VE celebrations in that everyone wanted the 1939-45 war to be over and for the government to announce that we had won so the VE celebrations could begin. This time the war is against some horrible little bug and its trillions of mates throughout the world. This time the enemy will not sign a truce, it has to be a battle to the death. When we are in a position where the virus is under control, the government will not say “that’s it chaps, you are free to do whatever you want” it will probably say that “Limited social contact is now OK but we don’t want you to go on foreign holidays yet”. At that stage we can have our party. There may be several stages so we will have to choose the one that allows older people to socialise.

The deadline for the October newsletter is 31st August 2020 and things might change during September so the best thing is to keep up to date by regularly visiting the section website. There is no booking form within the newsletter but one will appear in the website and notifications we be sent out by email when we know a little more.

I am looking forward to driving my club car to this and other events as soon as possible and am sure that you are feeling the same. (Editor)

Event to be arranged by your committee (not decided who yet)

The following events were cancelled due to the restrictions imposed to control the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. It is hoped that most, if not all can be re-scheduled towards the end of 2020 or during 2021. Please visit this website regularly for the latest news.

Lunch - at Ye Olde Bell Hotel Barnby Moor

Postponed from 29th March 2020Ye Olde Bell Descrip

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph.

Lunch at Ruddington Grange Golf Club Nottingham

Postponed from April 19th 2020 now rearranged for 15th November 2020

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph


Lunch at Longcliffe Golf Club, Nanpanton Loughbrough

Postponed from May 17th Longcliffe Detail2020 now rearranged for 18th October 2020

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph

Picnic and Ken Hucknall Award at Derbyshire Member’s Home

Postponed from June 7th 2020

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph

Derbyshire Member Descrip

Escape to Ettington Park Hotel

Postponed from 31ST May 2020 (onwards) expected to take place in June 2021

Details in January Newsletter or or click on the photograph

Spring Break 2020 Details

Visit and Picnic Fairfield Lake & Smite Brook Railway, Pailton  

Postponed from 12th July 2020

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph

Fairfield Details

First the Good News

The last event which were able to go to was the AGM in February. All events in March, April May and June have been cancelled including the Spring weekend at the end of May, beginning of June. The spring break is re-scheduled for 5th June 2021.

The good news is that two events can now go ahead. The first of these is just a drive around the beautiful Derbyshire countryside on 19th July. This was planned by Martin Carnell and details can be found by clicking this button.

The second is the Garden Party at Launde Abbey arranged by Jeff Dennis. This is a picnic and social distancing must be observed.

Great Escape

Haslour House Event

Postponed from 19th July 2020

Details in April Newsletter  or click on the photograph

Launde Abbey

Harrogate Weekend and North of England Rally

Postponed from 1st - 2nd August 2020

Details in April Newsletter or click on the photograph

Visit to Armourgedden Tank Museum,

Postponed from 30th August 2020

For details click on photograph

Haslour House Det

Heage Windmill Event

Postponed from 9th August 2020

For details in click on photograph  

Heage Windmill Details

Visit & Picnic, Shepshed Water Mill,

Postponed from 13th September 2020

For details click on photograph